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The Faculty Senate and the Office of the Academic Secretary



The 48th Senate is now is session

The 48th Senate of the Academic Council is chaired by Kathryn Moler, Professor of Physics and Applied Physics. She is an experienced participant in Stanford faculty governance, having served on the Senate, the Steering Committee, the Committee on Committees and the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid. 




Next Faculty Senate meeting to be held on May 26th.

The next Faculty Senate meeting will be on May 26, 2016, the agenda for this meeting will be posted soon.

Recent News from the Faculty Senate

Senate supports Stanford’s efforts to review its historical legacy and the names associated with it

Having taken note of a resolution passed by both the Undergraduate Senate and the Graduate Student Council of the ASSU, the Faculty Senate on March 3 unanimously passed a motion submitted by its Steering Committee and expressing its support for the initiative taken by President Hennessy and Provost Etchemendy to charge a Special Committee with a comprehensive review of Stanford’s historical legacy as expressed in the naming of its buildings, sites, entities and activities. The text of the motion can be read here.

President-designate Tessier-Lavigne addresses the Faculty Senate

At the Senate meeting on February 4, the newly designated 11th President of Stanford University, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, was welcomed by the Senate with a standing ovation and a warm round of applause. In his address to the Senate, he reflected on his experience in scholarship and higher education and shared his views on both the challenges and opportunities that Stanford faces in the years ahead. 


2015-16 Schedule of Meetings of Senate XLVIII
School of Law, Room 180, Thursday, 3:15pm 

The Senate meets biweekly during the academic year. Senators should be aware that if special meetings of the Senate need to be scheduled, which occurs infrequently, they will be scheduled on the intervening Thursdays. 

If you are a Stanford community member interested in attending a Senate meeting please contact Adrienne Emory at

Agendas and Minutes as they become available, can be viewed by clicking on the dates below.

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Administrative Sessions of the Steering Committee on Behalf of the Senate 

The Steering Committee (StC) holds administrative sessions as needed to hear routine or administrative matters that would otherwise come before the full Senate.  This allows the Senate to spend more time on issues that need broader discussion and debate prior to action. All Senators are welcome to attend administrative sessions. 

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