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The Faculty Senate and the Office of the Academic Secretary

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The Senate met on March 09, 2023

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The next Senate meeting will be held April 13, 2023 beginning promptly at 3:15pm

The Chair and Vice Chair of the Fifty-Fifth Faculty Senate 

The members of Stanford’s 55th Senate have elected Kenneth A. Schultz, Professor of Political Science, as its Chair for the Senate’s 2022-23 year, and Deborah R. Hensler, Judge John W. Ford Professor of Dispute Resolution at Stanford Law School, as the Senate’s Vice Chair. Their one-year term of office begins Fall Quarter of 2022. Read more

55th Steering Committee of the Senate 

The Steering Committee (StC) of the Senate sets the Senate Agenda, confers degrees for the Summer, Autumn and Winter quarters, and serves at Administrative Sessions to the StC to review undergraduate and graduate programs on behalf of the Senate. StC members are elected each year by the Senate. This year's StC members are:     

  • Ken Schultz, Chair (Political Science)   

  • Deborah Hensler, Vice Chair (Stanford Law School)

  • Jessica Feldman (Biology)  

  • Rosemary Knight (Geophysics)    

  • Joe Lipsick (Pathology, Genetics, and Biology) 

  • Stephen Montgomery (Pathology, Genetics, and Computer Science)

  • Grant Parker (Classics)

  • Ato Quayson (Interdisciplinary Studies and English)

  • Juan Santiago (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Persis Drell (Provost, ex-officio) 

  • Tom Wasow (Academic Secretary, ex-officio)

  • Adrienne Emory (Associate Academic Secretary, Staff)

2022-23 Schedule of Meetings of Senate LV

The Senate meets biweekly during the academic year, usually in the Law School, room 180. Senators should be aware that if special meetings of the Senate need to be scheduled, which occurs infrequently, they will be scheduled on the intervening Thursdays. 

If you are a Stanford community member interested in attending a Senate meeting please contact Adrienne Emory at

Agendas and Minutes, as they become available, can be viewed by clicking on the links in the table below.



Agenda  Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


Agenda  Minutes


Academic Council Meeting

Agenda  Minutes




Agenda  Minutes

Administrative Sessions of the Steering Committee on Behalf of the Senate

The Steering Committee (StC) holds administrative sessions as needed to hear routine or administrative matters that would otherwise come before the full Senate. This allows the Senate to spend more time on issues that need broader discussion and debate prior to action. All Senators are welcome to attend administrative sessions.