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37th Faculty Senate

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Welcome to the 37th Senate of the Academic Council. If you are looking for documents listed below that do not have active links, please contact

Rob Polhemus, Senate Chair

Professor Rob Polhemus

Now the Joseph S. Atha Professor in Humanities, Emeritus, Rob Polhemus served in the Senate for 17 years, including 3 years on the Steering Committee, 1 year on the Committee on Committees and 3 years on the Comitttee on Libraries. He received his PhD from U.C. Berkeley and started his Stanford career in 1963. His research focuses on fiction as way to explore secular faith in the last two centuries as well as 19th and 20th century British fiction. 


37th Steering Committee of the Senate 

The Steering Committee (StC) of the Senate sets the Senate agenda, confers degrees for the Summer, Autumn and Winter quarters, and serves at Administrative Sessions of the StC to review undergraduate and graduate programs on behalf of the Senate. StC members are elected each year by the Senate. Joining Chair Polhemus are 

  • Professor Phyllis Gardner, Medicine, vice chair
  • Professor Albert Camarillo, History
  • Professor Harry Elam, Drama
  • Professor Andrea Goldsmith, Electrical Engineering
  • Professor Roger Noll, Economics
  • Professor Doug Osheroff, Physics  
  • Provost John Etchemendy, ex officio
  • Academic Secretary Edward Harris, ex officio

Senate Membership


Senate Minutes 

Autumn Quarter 

Winter Quarter

Spring Quarter 

Annual Academic Council Meeting

President Hennessy convenes the Academic Council faculty annually to deliver a state of the university address.  The Senate Chair reports on the highlights of the Senate.
Annual Academic Council Minutes of March 31, 2005

Administrative Sessions of the StC on Behalf of the Senate 

The StC holds administrative sessions on an as needed basis to hear routine or administrative matters that would otherwise come before the full Senate.  This allows the Senate to spend more time on issues that need broader discussion and debate prior to action. All Senators are welcome to attend administrative sessions. 

Winter Quarter