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50th Faculty Senate

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Welcome to the 50th Senate of the Academic Council. 

Liz Hadly, Senate Chair 

Prof Liz Hadly

Elizabeth Hadly is a global change scientist who studies the impact of environmental change on vertebrates of the past, present, and future. Liz is committed to the communication of science and outreach beyond the ivory tower. She was the Senior Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education from 2013-2016. She is the Paul S. and Billie Achilles Professor in Environmental Biology, and Professor, by courtesy, of Geological Sciences; the Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Yeung Bass University Fellow in Undergraduate Education, and a Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute and at the Center for Innovation in Global Health. She is the Faculty Director of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve and on the Executive Committee of the Program for conservation Genomics. She has taught in Chile through BOSP and been a faculty leader on numerous Stanford travel-study trips. Prior to coming to Stanford Liz worked for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US National Park Service. Liz has served on the Senate, Steering Committee and Committee on Committees, and was a member of the most recent Planning and Policy Board.

Vice Chair, Michele Elam

Professor Michele Elam

Michele Elam, the Olivier Nomellini Family University Fellow in Undergraduate Education, is Professor of English and Director of the interdisciplinary graduate Program in Modern Thought and Literature. Affiliated with the Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research and the Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, Elam has served as Director of the Program in African & African American Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Director of Curriculum in the Department of English in addition to her leadership on national committees and boards. Among her publications are Race, Work, and Desire in American Literature, 1860-1930 (2003), The Souls of Mixed Folk: Race, Politics, and Aesthetics in the New Millennium (2011), and The Cambridge Companion to James Baldwin (2015). Most broadly, her research and teaching examine the relations between art, race and social justice. Elam is thrice the recipient of the St Clair Drake Outstanding Teaching Award and of the Faculty Award for “Outstanding Service to Undergraduate Students as a Teacher, Advisor and Mentor” from the Program in Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, and the recipient of large grant awards for broad-impact curricular innovation from both the President’s Fund and the Hoagland Fund for Teaching Innovation. She has served on the Faculty Senate, the Senate Steering Committee, the Committee on Committees, the Committee for the Review of Undergraduate Majors (C-RUM) and chaired the SUES subcommittee on the Helix. She currently serves on the Board on Judicial Affairs, the Steering Committee of the Faculty Women’s Forum, and the Title IX Hearing Panels.

50th Steering Committee of the Senate 

The Steering Committee (StC) of the Senate sets the Senate Agenda, confers degrees for the Summer, Autumn and Winter quarters, and serves at Administrative Sessions to the StC to review undergraduate and graduate programs on behalf of the Senate. StC members are elected each year by the Senate. Joining Chair, Stephen Stedman are;

  • Michele Elam, Vice Chair (Biology) 

  • Pat Burchat (Physics) 

  • Jeff Koseff (Civil and Environmental Engineering) 

  • Joe Lipsick (Patholgy/Genetics) 

  • Kate Maher (Geological Sciences) 

  • Sue McConnell (Biolgy) 

  • Rob Reich (Political Science) 

  • Persis Drell (Provost, ex-officio) 

  • Tom Wasow (Academic Secretary, ex-officio) 

  • Adrienne Emory (Assistant Academic Secretary, Staff) 

Senate Membership 


Senate Minutes 

Autumn Quarter 

Winter Quarter

Spring Quarter

Annual Academic Council Meeting 

President Tessier-Lavigne convenes the Academic Council faculty to deliver a state of the university address.


Administrative Sessions of the Steering Committee on Behalf of the Senate

The Steering Committee (StC) holds administrative sessions as needed to hear routine or administrative matters that would otherwise come before the full Senate. This allows the Senate to spend more time on issues that need broader discussion and debate prior to action. All Senators are welcome to attend administrative sessions.