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34th Senate Highlights

Highlights of the 34th Senate include

  • Revision of Faculty Tenure Policy
  • Discussion on Institutional Approaches to Distance Learning from the Committee on Research
  • Report on New Faculty Housing
  • Report from the Dean of the School of Medicine Philip Pizzo
  • Revision of Policy on Sexual Harassment and Consensual Sexual or Romantic Relationships
    5/2/02 and 5/30/02
  • Proposal for realignment of three Academic Council Committees (C-AAA, C-US and C-GS) and recommendation of charges to the Committee on Undergraduate Standards adn Policy (C-USP), the Committee on Review of Undergraduate Majors (C-RUM) and Committee on Graduate Studies (C-GS) from the Committee on Committees

More information on each report can be found in the minutes from that meeting.

All other reports can be viewed via the agendas.